Cute girls for Monday, January 4th, 2021

Catgirl [Original] - link

Towa Tokoyami [Hololive] - link

Holo Pout [Spice and Wolf] - link

Drinking coffee - link

Photographer [Original] - link

Annoyed Murakumo. [Kantai Collection] - link

New Year by ATDAN- [SynthV] - link

Miku's Smile - link

Playing games - link

Smoking [Destiny Child] (Zig) - link

Purple-eyed demon girl [Original] - link

Marine [Hololive] - link

Kimono by Nagiha🌱@Nagiha_kuten [Original] - link

Awoo with a broom [Touhou] - link

Running into each other at the Supermarket [Original] - link

Brown cap - link

Furisode [Original] - link

Moe Mage Mio 2 - link

Miku by @rsktter - link

Living with Hibiki [The iDOLM@STER] - link

Happy New Year [Artist's Original] - link

Long Long Idol [Idolm@ster Cinderella Girls] - link

Misaka spending New Year's with her Sis - link

Monoe [VOMS] - link

Coco tying her hair [Hololive] - link

Healing (Sunako) [Original] - link

Thinking - link

Utage [Arknights] - link

A cute outfit - link

Mio Think - link

]Daily Kotori #27[ "We just did a live show for Halloween, won't you come here & relax with me?" - link

"Shopping"Fischl 🌹💘 [Genshin Impact] - link

Ina pats Kirby [Hololive x Kirby] - link

Gyaru girlfriend by @SIOKAZUNOKO [Original] - link

JK Houshou Marine [Hololive] - link

Botan [Hololive] - link

Sharp Fang [original] - link

Can you see the heart (≧▽≦) [Original] - link

City Scape [Original] - link

Cookie Shark [Hololive] - link

New Year's Casturia - link

Jeanne - link

Back to back [Hyouka] - link

Speaking the truth - link

Elaina [Majo no Tabitabi] - link

Miku by @030gloria - link

New Year's Misaka - link

Blanket Shark [Hololive] - link

Winter Walk [Original] - link

Everyone shines up well at this time of year. [Granblue Fantasy] - link

Belly rubs [Original] - link

Rin Appears! (Daily Nya #327) - link

Galarian New Year [Pokemon Sword/Shield] - link

Mei! - link

Happy New Year - link

Chibi Coco and Kanata 🥖 [Hololive] - link

Casual purple-eyed demon girl [Original] - link

Sisters - link

Fireflower - link

Bright [Daily #471] - link

Ricchan Relaxing - link