Cute girls for Sunday, January 3rd, 2021

JK Elaina [Majo no Tabitabi] - link

Elaina [Witch journey of Elaina] - link

Korone [Hololive] - link

Everything is going to be okay [Fire Emblem] - link

Kinako sleeping in her bed [My Cat is a Cute Girl] - link

Absorbing twintails Rem [Re:Zero] - link

A headpat for Misaka [Toaru series] [x-post r/KaMikoto] - link

Kimono Miku - link

New Year's Outfit [Original] - link

Saber Alter - link

Eavesdropping After School [Original] - link

"Senpai! Happy New Year!" by くきは [Original] - link

Year of the Ox [Original] - link

New Year's Nene. [Hololive] - link

Playing outside - link

Yukino Yukinoshita [Oregairu] - link

[Hololive] After the rain ft. Shiranui Flare - link

Gawr Gura [Hololive] - link

Don't mess with Taiga [Toradora] - link

Aqua in kimono [Hololive] - link

Ereshkigal with a cat [Fate Series] - link

Performing for the Cats and Kittens [Original] - link

End of the year Diana [Little Witch Academia] - link

[Daily Kotori Day 26] "I remember you told me you like strawberries, so I made a costume around that." <3 - link

Rain by おゆゆ [Original] - link

Blowing Bubbles - link

Rushia in kimono [Hololive] - link

Azunyan - link

Type 2020 - link

Lollipop - link

OkaKoro outfit swap [Hololive] - link

Mai Vlad from Vlad Love - link

Welcoming year of the cow - link

Laughing - link

Meet Elizabang - link

Here in this photo of her past lore you can see that on the night of the blue moon honoka suddenly has past visions of instinct to return to the moon from which she was made as a lot of cosmic dark energy was needed to make the alpha anti idol.These visions only happen on nights of the blue moon. - link

Himari! - link

At the Beach [Original] - link

New Year's Lillie [Pokemon Sun/Moon] - link

Aoba pout [New Game!] - link

Shishiro Botan - link

Smiling Nadeshiko [Yuru Camp] - link

Upside-down Ochaco [My Hero Academia] - link

Bedivere's dream - link

A comfy Maekawa Miku. [Idolmaster Cinderella Girls] - link

Mikoto in kimono lying on the bed - link

Tsundere Calli [Hololive] - link

New Year's Okita - link

Happy New Year [Original] - link

Nene [Hololive] - link

Cold - link

She's the definition of moe [Azure lane] - link

Shrine visit [Original] - link

Mid-flight rest [Original] - link

Mask - link

Cow Kimono Misaka - link

Happy New Year - link

Honoka with pistols - link

Attorney Akiyama - link

Kiara & Calli by@aaanecooo - link

Chibi Rin (Daily Nya #326) - link

Umi [Summer Pockets] - link

New Year's shrine visit. [Princess Connect! Re:Dive] - link

Sweet treat [Original] - link


Nisekoi proper ending - link

Daily Devotion no.1303: Soldier's Somber Gaze - link

Happy New Year from Korone [Hololive] - link

Pillow Fight [Daily #470] - link

Chibi Miku Pout [Vocaloid] - link

Matsuri-nyan [Hololive] - link

Everyone is the center in Ba Sing Se - link