Cute girls for Wednesday, October 9th, 2019

Shhh, don't wake up Snivy [Pokemon] - link

Megumin is ready for fall! [Konosuba] - link

:P [Original] - link

"Look how long my fangs are!" [Original] - link

No Poke! [Original] - link

Hajime! [NEW GAME!] - link

What a cute style [Original] - link

Spider to dragons severed head (This is allowed here, right?) [Kumo desu ga, nani ka?] - link

MicroPout™️ [Hensuki: Are you willing to fall in love with a pervert, as long as she’s a cutie?] - link

*Angry noises* [Azur Lane] - link

Emma-chan [Love Live!] - link

Kasumi acting like her normal self. [Kantai Collection] - link

Chimame Corps [Is the Order A Rabbit] - link

You Shimakaze - link

Rin megane. [YuruCamp△] - link

cool of the evening [Original] - link

Bookworm - link

Evolution [Original] - link

Miku with a lost kitten ❤️ [Gotoubun no Hanayome] - link

Bellflower Maid [Original] - link

Geoffroy's cat wants a hug [Kemono Friends] - link

Power Flexing Her Fangs [Chainsaw Man] - link

Saya [Dagashi Kashi] - link

kamado nezuko <3 [kimetsu no yaiba] - link

<3 Much love to everyone in this subreddit - link

Tea Time [Original] - link

Blushing [Original] - link

Cat ears - link

Snowfall - link

Idle ladle. [Ryuuou no Oshigoto!] - link

Moment of Love Declaration [Original] - link

Vampire Nurse 💉 [Original] - link

Nero 🌻 [Fate Series] - link

Smile and balloons - link

Giving you headpats [Kemono Friends] - link

Flip of the Moon - link

MHX Alter and Mashu [Fate] - link

Nezuko's Starter [Kimetsu no Yaiba] - link

Miku ready for school - link

Is it time? [Original] - link

:o [Daily #23] - link

Wink - link

Art by Namori! - link

Peace sign - link

Okayu [Hololive] - link

No Poke! [Original] - link

Chibi Saber Snacking - link

Breakfast with Saber ☕ - link

Mordred's curves - link

Mini Hammann, concentrated tsundere [Azur Lane] - link

Sweater vest [Original] - link

Commanding Officer Fumika [Idolmaster] - link

Autumn [Original] - link

Floral [Original] - link

Jalter wearing her new Jacket - link

Cute fangs [Original] - link

miku~ - link

Beautiful smile - link

Nero🌻 - link

Jeanne - link

Only 3 more months... - link

Racing Miku 2018 - link

Misaka cleaning with her Gekota - link

Bridget [Guilty Gear] - link

Girls' night out [Idolmaster: Cinderella Girls] - link

Rin wearing glasses [Yuru Camp] - link

Sunset [Original] - link

Jeanne Alter - link

Nice Reaction! [Girls und Panzer] - link

Crepes - link

Sooo beautiful!~ - link

If Miku was a hard-working student [Vocaloid] - link

Black Miku - link

Yuuki [Idolmaster Cinderella girls] - link

Crepes with Printemps - link

Miku ready for school [Vocaloid] - link

Black dress - link

Water [Original] - link

Sensei [Original] - link

What a cute style! [Original] - link

Fashionable Rice - link

Megumin is ready for fall! [Konosuba] - link

[Daily best ship] - Lovers kiss - link

Twins [Original] - link

The Dynamic Duo - link

Hikari - link

Daily You #13. Pocky - link