Cute girls for Monday, January 7th, 2019

Expressions [Original] - link

Little kitten [Sana Channel] - link

Universal Bullin [Azur Lane] - link

Thigh highs and a doggo. [Original] - link

Dystopian year of the pig [Original?] - link

Yoshiko [Love Live!] - link

Aoyama Mio [The World God Only Knows] - link

Coffee by the Window [Original] - link

Foxgirl in winter [Original] - link

Laundry [Original] - link

Yukata Okita - link

Twin Tail, Twin Fang Smile [Qurare: Magic Library] - link

Ryuuko [Kill la Kill] - link

Remilia [Touhou] - link

Guitar - link

Happy couple! Arturia and shirou - link

Eating a crepe [Original] - link

Astolfo [Fate] - link

Going for a Stroll [Original] - link

Eevee is the cutest scarf [Pokemon x The iDOLM@STER: Cinderella Girls] - link

Adorable Haruna [KanColle] - link

Heading home after practice [Original] - link

A Sankuro New Year - link

[Daily Rin #77] Cat ear Rin-chan - link

Yu [Fate/Grand Order] - link

Snowy Miku-pyon [Vocaloid] - link

Another Fashionable Aoba [NEW GAME!] - link

Ruby from RWBY - link

Multiple Frames [Original] - link

Winged [Original] - link

New Year's ensemble [Original] - link

Chika and You [Love Live! Sunshine!!] - link

Bus Stop [Original] - link

Bludgeoning Angel Himiko Toga [Boku no Hero Academia × Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan] - link

Snug Chino. [Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka?] - link

EXPLOSION! [Konosuba] - link

ミッ - link

39 - link

Jeanne [Fate/Grand Order] - link

Ueno [Ueno-san wa Bukiyou] - link

Daily Hanayo #126 - link

Soccer practice [K-On!] - link

Heart knit [Original] - link

Junko pats a sleeping Ai [Zombieland Saga] - link

Yohane-chan [Love Live! Sunshine!!] - link

Reina [Sound! Euphonium] - link

Best Teacher and Best Girl - link

Cuties! [Original] - link

Now it's her turn to paint your face [Sana Channel] - link

Jalter - link

Cute Kouhai [Original] - link

No. 1 [Original] - link

If this were to canonically happen...I'd do summersaults across my hallway - link

Cutie! [Artist's Original] - link

Specter - link

Rin Tohsaka [Fate/Series] - link

If you had to choose? [imouto sae ireba ii] - link

Saber & Merlin - link

Musashi - link

White kimono [Azur Lane] - link

Cute Witch [Original] - link

Winter red [Original] - link

Flustered [Love Live! Sunshine!] - link

Amusement park [Idolmaster] - link

Miqo'te New Year's [Final Fantasy] - link

"Who's the fairest of them all?" [Original] - link

Miko [Original] - link

Late Happy New Year [Touhou] - link

Lollipop. [Original] - link

Student Tamamo Cat [Fate] - link

Looking Surprised [Original] - link

Cute outfit [Original] - link

Colorful [Pinky Pop Hepburn] - link

New Year [Original] - link

Kaederon~ [Virtual YouTuber] - link

An Androids Garden [Original] - link

Strawberry - link

Student Tamamo Cat [Fate] - link

I see your miku on a monitor and I raise you my miku on a monitor - link

Ya'll like my new setup? (Bad quality I know) - link

Warm [Original] - link

Daily Devotion no.578: Shattered Innocence - link