Cute girls for Monday, December 3rd, 2018

✌️ [Original] - link

Kinpatsu [Original] - link

Bear Hoodie [Virtual YTber] - link

Mecha girl [Original] - link

Yuudachi in a beautiful white dress [Kancolle] - link

Lillie pat [Pokemon SM] - link

Sitonai [Fate/GrandOrder] - link

Casual outfit [Kizuna AI] - link

Santa Salter is coming to town - link

Painting [Original] - link

Unicorn pout [Azur Lane] - link

Looking out onto the city [Original] - link

Adorable Coffee Drinking Mashu [Fate/Grand Order] - link

Audible pouting. [Hibike! Euphonium] - link

Futaba taking a Selfie [Bunny Girl Senpai] - link

A shipment of diabetes. Merry Christmas! [acchi kocchi, spice and wolf, chuunibyou demo koi ga shitai!,mahou shoujo madoka magica, k-on!] - link

Sitting in a chair [Gabriel Dropout] - link

Urban Sister Claire [NijiSanji] - link

Maids [Idolmaster X Re:Zero] - link

Supa hot fire [Idolmaster] - link

Idol Mikoto - link

Chen [Touhou] - link

Rin Shibuya Number One! [Idolmaster] - link

It's not like I wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas or anything... - link

Sleepy Mirai [Kyoukai no Kanata] - link

Off day [Original] - link

Straw hat [Yama no Susume] - link

Caught her indulging on a burger [Kantai Collection] - link

Okita Alter - link

Saber with casual clothes - link

thankful - link

Bomber jacket [Oshiete! Galko-Chan] - link

Liz is an adorable idol [Fate] - link

Avalon - link

Cosy - link

In casual clothes with Maki! - link

Peace sign [Sana Channel] - link

Autumn leaves [Original] - link

Cooling down your coffee [Original] - link

[Daily Riko #817] Short hair and glasses - link

Padoru, nya~! - link

my beloved older sister - link

Saber/Shiro in the snow - link

trumpeter - link

We are Vocaloid - link

Cute Little Chen [Touhou] - link

Daily Hanayo #91: Adorable - link

Angel [Original] - link

Riyo-style You - link

stay with me - link

pink princess - link

Karen [Kiniro Mosaic] - link

The Night Shift [KanColle] - link

If Mordred was in Devil May Cry - link

Catgirl smile [Touhou] - link

Junko trying out the Pocky Game [Zombie Land Saga] - link

1903-2000 [Girls Frontline] - link

The best unit ever [Idolmaster] - link

Autumn Kimono Girl [Original] - link

Hinari [Amaryllis class] - link

Smile! [FGO] - link

Pouty Lillie [Pokemon SM] - link

Headpats [Original] - link

Mood Lighting [Vocaloid] - link

Black school uniform [Original] - link

Mari [Love Live! Sunshine!!] - link

Fairy Z-Move [Pokemon] - link

Frown - link

*★ - link

Patting Santa [Fate/GrandOrder] - link

Kotatsu [Re: Zero] - link

Fancy dress [Kizuna AI] - link

Spooky [Pokemon Sun and Moon] - link

Tohru. [Miss Kobayashi's dragon maid] - link

Time to clean your ears [Kantai Collection] - link

Rikka Takarada [SSSS Gridman] - link

Lying Down [Original] - link

♥ [Kizuna AI X Kaguya Luna] - link

Jeanne - link

Not-so-little Red Riding Hood [Shoujo☆Kageki Revue Starlight] - link

[Daily Rin #48] RinMaki - link

a gift for you [Kanan, Love Live! Sunshine!!] - link

Okita - link

Still shorts weather. [Kantai Collection] - link

A warm drink on a snowy day [fate] - link

Offering Hand [Fate/Grand Order] - link

Stunning Legs [Girly Air Force] - link

Romantic evening [Original] - link

Cute portrait. [Pokémon] - link

Snow Miku 2019 - link

Drinking some coffee [Kantai Collection] - link

Two cuties [Comic Girls] - link

Smiling Miku - link

my beloved older sister - link

Casual Outfit with Umi! - link

Floating Away - link

Daily Devotion no.543: Halo - link

Honking - link

Triple Glasses [Fate/GrandOrder] - link

punk rock Woob - link

Honoka and Rin - link