Cute girls for Thursday, November 8th, 2018

"EXPLOOOOOOSION!" [KonoSuba] - link

School girl awoo~ [Touhou] - link

I’ve never seen anything so adorable than this. [Kantai Collection] - link

[Original] - link

Momiji in school uniform [Touhou] - link

Sparkly [SSSS.Gridman] - link

Spoopy Arisu [Girls und Panzer] - link

"Ganbaruzoi!" [NEW GAME!] - link

MC Liz [Virtual YouTuber] - link

Little Lion [Kemono Friends] - link

Abigail Williams pout [Fate/Grand Order] - link

Tomato - link

YOHANE [Love Live! Sunshine!!] - link

(「・ω・)「 [Fate/Grand Order] - link

Pondering [SSSS Gridman] - link

Sunset [Original] - link

Jalter researching her Summer Ascension - link

Blossom [Original] - link

Chopping a forest down [Fate GO] - link

Happiness [GochiUsa] - link

Sheep♥ [Original] - link

Glasses Rikka [SSSS GRIDMAN] - link

Messin with her coin - link

Melancholy of Hatsune Miku - link

Napping Kiyoshimo [Kantai Collection] - link

Delusion Generator [Vocaloid] - link

[Daily Rin #24] Autumn - link

Waving hi to you - link

Marie Antoinette [FGO] - link

symbolization [Tainan City] - link

Yoshiko and Aikyan~ - link

the many expressions of Ruby - link

[Daily Riko #796] Flowers - link

MHX Alter eating a burger - link

Sisters [Daily Biribiri #1002] - link

Delicious alcohol [Kantai Collection] - link

Heart - link

Angry at you [Girls Frontline] - link

Daily Devotion no.518: Shining - link


Daily Hanayo #66: RinPana! - link

Different hairstyles, same Honky - link

Assassin Illya [Fate] - link

"Cat Facts?" [Persona 5] - link

Nanami Chiaki [Danganronpa] - link

Closeness [Dragon Maid] - link

Comforting her [Original] - link

Yamada Elf getting confessed to. [Eromanga-sensei] - link

[Original] - link

Rushing to get to School [Original] - link

Going for a run [Original] - link

Reading [Touhou] - link

Whacha doin Jalter? - link

Shizuku hands you coffee, w/ jealous catgirl [Original] - link

Long-Haired Rem [Re:Zero] - link

Loli Tsundere of the year[Sunohara no karirin-san] - link

Reimu [Touhou Project] - link

Okita Souji [Fate Grand Order] - link

Candy [Original] - link

Autumn uniform [Flowers] - link

Ichigo [Aikatsu!] - link

Best couple [Toradora] - link

Track Day - link

Akane [SSSS Gridman] - link

Hoodie [Original] - link

Nyahaa~ [Original] - link

Fluffuccino [Beelzebub-jou no Okinimesu mama.] - link

Totooria Helmold [Atelier Totori] - link

Sayaka [Madoka] - link

Haguro going to the shrine [Kantai Collection] - link

Autumn Sae. [Idolmaster Cinderella Girls] - link

Another felix awwwgyle [Re-Zero] - link

Okita - link

Hip-Hop You! - link

Daily Devotion no.517: Brief Moment to Smile - link

konobi_irl [The Art Club Has a Problem] - link

Better classical or alternate version? 😋 - link

sandwich - link

..Oh! - link

Wink [Harasho #589] - link

Halloween Miku - link

Curios umi - link