Cute girls for Wednesday, November 7th, 2018

She could use a headpat [SSSS.Gridman] - link

Mordred wearing dad's clothes - link

Rikka [SSSS. Gridman] - link

Traveling with a big sword [Original] - link

Hammann headpats [Azur Lane] - link

MC Liz [KMNZ] - link

Halloween Rem and Ram [Re:Zero] - link

Futaba [Bunny Girl Senpai] - link

Hammann headpats [Azur Lane] - link

Nyan~ [Original] - link

What did you wish for? [Original] - link

Practice drawing [Comic Girls] - link

Traveler [Original] - link

Late for Halloween because they had to rise from the dead! [Original] - link

Elizabeth Bathory [Fate/Grand Order] - link

Simple - link

Casual Outfits [Fate] - link

Late Halloween Note-chan [Original] - link

Fanart [Lavender Quartz] - link

That smile [My Hero Academia] - link

Hair Blowing in the Wind [Daily Biribiri #1001] - link

I'm just sitting here waiting for nominations! [Kiniro Mosaic] - link

Aya out taking photos. [Touhou] - link

Mashu with some hot chocolate [Fate/Grand Order] - link

Megane Squad [Kill la Kill] - link

Future demon lord [Gabriel Dropout] - link

Saber in the snow - link

Aya out taking photos. [Touhou] - link

Daily Hanayo #65: Megane! - link

Ayy the Gang (minus Hamazura) made it onto the cover of the December issue of Newtype - link

Out of this world - link

Little Witch - link

Smiling Miku - link

Ruby heart - link

hyper energized - link

Miqo'te [Final Fantasy XIV] - link

Salter & Jalter - link

anime_irl [Original] - link

Peace! [Original] - link

"...what?" [Original] - link

Jeanne Alter pout [Fate/Grand Order] - link

Playing in the waves [Original] - link

Rainy day... - link

Fireworks with Mayaka [Hyouka] - link

Marie wearing the unofficial hoodie of this sub [Fate/Grand Order] - link

"Don't looooooooook!!!!!" [Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge] - link

Sorry, I can't move to give you more room [Fate/Grand Order] - link

Headpats for Momoko-chan [THE iDOLM@STER: Million Live!] - link

Listening by proximity. [Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka?] - link

Rize Tedeza [Gochiusa] - link

Pancakes! [Artist's Original] - link

The Jeannes [Fate/Grand Order] - link

Going Home Together [Love Live!] - link

Gotland [Kantai Collection] - link

Playing with her hair [Zombieland Saga] - link

Winter Jalter - link

Akane x Rikka [SSSS GRIDMAN] - link

[Daily Rin #23] Sunset - link

Rapper Ruby - link

Fall - link

Tamamo [Fate/Extra] - link

Cirno & Rumia in the autumn forest [Touhou] - link

You's Wonderful Stories - link

Perfume bottles [Original] - link

Witch and Fallen Angel [Love Live! x Sunshine!!] - link

Balloons - link

Close [Harasho #588] - link

Black-backed Jackal [Kemono Friends] - link


Ruby and Riko~ - link