Cute girls for Monday, November 5th, 2018

"Don't just stand there, help me!" [Original] - link

Donut 🍩 [Original] - link

Zombie Rikka [ssss.gridman x zombieland saga] - link

So Flattered [Original?] - link

Cute toothbrush. [Ookami-san] - link

:D [Vocaloid] - link

Two heroic cuties [My Hero Academia] - link

Maid Naganami [Kantai Collection] - link

Country maid [Original] - link

Camera - link

Thumps up [Original] - link

Okita - link

Black cat May [Pokemon] - link

Taking Care of You [Getsuyōbi no Tawawa] - link

Chisato wallpaper [BanG Dream!] - link

Eiki pout [Touhou] - link

Marisa is perky for the cold season. [Touhou] - link

Purple eyes [Original] - link

Ritsuko & Miki [Idolmaster] - link

Smile [Original] - link

[Daily Rin #21] Crepe - link

With My Singer by No.3+ - link

When you tell the professor that you won't make her curry [Kemono Friends] - link

Through the Years, Still One True Biribiri [Daily Biribiri #1000] - link

More cake for Freyja. [Macross Delta] - link

Autumn [Original] - link

We all know what comes next after this [To Aru Series] - link

Daily Hanayo #63: Wonderful Rush! - link

✌️💙 [Harasho #586] - link

Simply cute - link

Locks [Fate/Grand Order] - link

Making an Adjustment - link

Nero and Tamamo's Autumn Outfits [Fate] - link

Fubuki [Kancolle] - link

Comfy sleep [Pokemon] - link

Dawn Star [Original] - link

Junko [Zombieland Saga] - link


Vampire Sakurako [Yuru Yuri] - link

Lavender [Original] - link

Autumn [Chikanoko] - link

Free Falling - link

Splat! [Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka?] - link

Hokusai [Fate/Grand Order] - link

Welcome to the Flower Inn~ [Original] - link

Dancing in the Fall Leaves [Original] - link

Shine [Qurare: Magic Library] - link

Uki pout [Anima Yell!] - link

Lunch Time! - link

Peace~ [Original] - link

It's not my fault pout [Ulysses: Jeanne d'Arc to Renkin no Kishi] - link

Elincia [Fire Emblem] - link

Misaka striking her iconic pose [To Aru Series] - link

goggles off - link

Surprise Gift for Mika [Idolmaster] - link

Astolfo enjoying the Festival [Fate] - link

[Daily Riko #794] Peace - link

Daily Devotion no.515: Sharp Dressed Girl - link

Finally home from work [Original] - link

angelic - link